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Download Speak & Send

With Speak & Send, lose the keyboard & start using your voice!

Are you tired of using those pesky, chubby fingers of yours to type on a tiny keyboard? Are you texting while driving?! [Don't do that, crazy.] ~ Download Speak & Send. Tap record, speak, review/edit and send! EASY-PEASY!

Take advantage of today's technology and use your voice to search, send a message and post online.

Gain access to these Siri-like features, but you can also optionally translate your message before sending it out for the world to see.

Not only perfect for the current iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, or iPod Touch users out there – that are without access to Apple's support for speech recognition – but also a great tool for iPhone 4S and New iPad (iPad 3) users alike, especially with the available translation features and a greater number of supported languages.

Speak & Send supports voice input (& translation) in a ton of different languages:

  • Chinese Cantonese – Hong Kong
  • Chinese Mandarin – China
  • Chinese Taiwanese – Taiwan
  • Danish – Denmark
  • Dutch – Netherlands
  • English – Australian
  • English – United Kingdom
  • English – United States
  • French – Canada
  • French – France
  • German – Germany
  • Italian – Italy
  • Japanese – Japan
  • Korean – Korea
  • Norwegian Nynorsk – Norway
  • Polish – Poland
  • Portuguese – Brazil
  • Portuguese – Portugal
  • Russian – Russia
  • Spanish – Mexico
  • Spanish – Spain
  • Spanish – United States
  • Swedish – Sweden

Note: We do not recommend multitasking while driving; and sadly, that does include using this awesome app – you really should be looking at the dang road. Nevertheless, using an app like Speak & Send to send messages with your voice may assist in you keeping your eyes on all of the other crazy drivers on the highway. In other words, please use responsibly.

Speak & Send is currently only available on iOS.

Download Speak & Send